About Us

About Us

The National Task Force on Hepatitis B for AAPI brings together scientists, health professionals, not–for–profit organizations, and concerned citizens in a concerted effort to eliminate the transmission of hepatitis B and to decrease health disparities among those chronically infected.The National Task Force on Hepatitis B: Focus on Asians and Pacific Islanders was founded in 1997. Initially, the Task Force’s goal was to promote hepatitis B vaccination in children. Subsequently, the mission of the Task Force has expanded to include hepatitis B screening, a broader educational focus and a broader target age group. Currently 118 organizations belong to the Task Force.

Our Mission

To eliminate hepatitis B and hepatitis B related liver disease and liver cancer in the United States by empowering and mobilizing communities, enabling national networking and policy development, and by advocating for education and access to comprehensive care and affordable treatment for all Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

Our Vision

A United States free of hepatitis B

Who We Are

We are the National Task Force on Hepatitis B: Focus on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). We currently have over 125 member organizations.

What We Do

We are a group of public, private, and nonprofit organizations committed to eliminate hepatitis B mortality and morbidity over the next generation. Representatives all work on a volunteer basis. Any funding received goes to the domain name or hosting of the website, or is given out as small grants to member groups.

When We First Started

The Task Force started in 1997 and was funded by the CDC until 2002. The CDC continues to provide support with a monthly conference call. At first, the purpose of the Task Force was to promote hepatitis B vaccination for children. The mission of the Task Force has since expanded to include AAPI’s of all ages in screening and a broader educational focus. The co-founders were Dr. Moon Chen and Dr. Gary Euler, with Dr. Chen acting as Chair. The consultant administrator was Dr. Barbara Reilley.

What We’ve Done

In 1998 and 2001, members of the Task Force contributed articles to the AAPI Journal of Health. In 2000, the Task Force presented a position paper to the American Cancer Society. As a result, in 2001, the American Cancer Society announced their recommendation to promote universal hepatitis B vaccination of all children to protect against liver cancer. In 2004, the Task Force wrote its official screening recommendations for hepatitis B virus infection. In 2004 and 2005, the Task Force wrote letters to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). The Task Force gave its input and recommendations on the revised ACIP recommendations on hepatitis B. As a result, stronger language was added regarding screening of immigrants and their children for hepatitis B infection. In 2008, the Task Force supported the Office of Minority Health Expert Panel and contributed to the Goals and Strategies Document. In 2008 and 2009, the Task Force supported World Hepatitis Day. In April 2009, the Task Force was listed as a resource in the BMS Hepatitis B Handbook. In August 2009, the following article was published. “Community-based hepatitis B screening programs in the U.S. in 2008,” D.B. Rein, S.B. Lesesne, et al., in the Journal of Viral Hepatitis in August 2009.

What We’re Doing Now

National Hepatitis B Task Force’s members are excellent community activists with grass root reach and experience with health advocacy work. We continue to work hard to outreach various governmental and non-governmental agencies and organizations to network, partner, and collaborate on different challenging issues related to viral hepatitis facing the AAPI communities. The Task Force continues to be a resource for over 100 Asian American and Pacific Islander members and/or health organizations throughout the nation. During the monthly conference call, via email, and website, members share resources and ideas.

At the End of the Day…

We invite anyone interested in hepatitis B and Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to join the Task Force. The calls are open to anyone. If you would like to join, please email the Task Force at hepbtf@gmail.com. Stay connected with us through our teleconferences, emails, website, and members sharing resources and ideas.