About Us


The National Task Force on Hepatitis B Focus on Asian Pacific Islander Americans is a volunteer-based national coalition that brings together scientists, health professionals, not-for-profit organizations, and concerned citizens in a concerted effort to eliminate the transmission of hepatitis B and decrease health disparities among those chronically infected. The Task Force was founded in 1997 and was funded by CDC until 2002. During that time, members of the Task Force contributed articles to the AAPI Journal of Health and presented position papers to the American Cancer Society. Following those years, the Task Force became involved with advocacy and screening recommendations for HBV infections. The Task Force has traditionally been physician-led.

Our Vision

A United States free of hepatitis B

Our Mission

Eliminate hepatitis B, hepatitis B related liver disease, and liver cancer in the United States by empowering and mobilizing communities; enabling national networking and policy development; and advocating for education, access to comprehensive care, and affordable treatment for all Asian and Pacific Islander Americans.

What We’re Doing Now

Currently, there are over 200 members associated with the Task Force. Members include public, private, and nonprofit organizations committed to eliminating hepatitis B mortality and morbidity over the next generation. The Task Force openly solicits funds to provide in-person team-based trainings across the country; support monthly administrative costs associated tracking member activities; and maintaining the website and social media. The Task Force shares viral hepatitis resources for over 100 Asian American and Pacific Islander members and/or health organizations throughout the nation.

CDC continues to provide support to the Task Force by offering a free conference call line for the Task Force’s teleconferences. Each year, the Task Force has five teleconferences (roughly every other month) and one face-to-face meeting. We invite anyone interested in hepatitis B, with a focus in serving Asian Pacific Islander Americans, to join the Task Force. If you would like to join, please email the Task Force at hepbtf@gmail.com. Stay connected with us through our teleconferences, emails, website, and members sharing resources and ideas.